ILASA 2022

Llona & Bustamante Abogados

Llona & Bustamante Abogados was founded in 1963 by Alvaro Llona Bernal and Manuel Bustamante Olivares. At the core of our professional practice are our solid ethical principles, which in turn have made our law firm known for its operational excellence and professional level of our members. The different Laws areas that we serve are focused, not only on the corporate needs of domestic and foreign companies that forms part of our client portafolio, but also on the defense of society and individuals. With more than 50 years of service, which gives us invaluable experience, the Firm distinguishes itself for its efficient management, maintaining an impeccable ethical and moral line, reflected in the lack of compromising negative situations or media scandals. One of the Firm's targets is to contribute to the development of society, which is why within its Pro Bono program it assists recognized entities dedicated to the service of the community, such as Buckner Peru, Kusimayo and the Asociación Benéfica María Auxiliadora. In addition, we collaborate with the Manuel J. Bustamante Foundation and, for some time until now, we have been collaborating annually with the World Bank with our knowledge and experience for the annual edition of the Doing Businessness guide, with the purpose of helping the realization of investments and business in Peru. Today, our team of professionals is formed by lawyers with graduates and master´s degrees from the most prestigious universities of the country and abroad, some of whom have who have even taught in law and economics schools. We must emphasize that many attorneys have been professionally trained in our Firm. Our comprehensive and global vision of Law allow us to offer creative solutions for all the legal needs of our clients, whether national or foreign, which can be recognized in the successful cases obtained in the different assignments entrusted to our sponsorship. At the same time, we are connected with law firms worldwide through our strategic association with Primerus.