ILASA 2022


Masato Endo

Toyota Motor Corporation

Group Manager


Masato Endo is the Group Manager of Driver Monitoring Group, Value Chain Service and Technology Development, Technical Project Field of Advanced R&D and Engineering Company in TOYOTA. He focuses also on building the OSS governance structure within Toyota and developing relationships with the OSS community, through projects such as Automotive Grade Linux and the Open Invention Network. From 2017, he began to work with the OpenChain Project as a board member and set up OpenChain Japan Work Group with Hitachi and Sony. In 2019, he launched OpenChain Automotive Work Group to promote OSS Supply Chain Management (OSS SCM) and standardization in Automotive industry. Originally, he was a patent engineer working with various technologies such as MaaS, Autonomous Vehicle, Navigation Systems, Intelligent Transport Systems, Smart Grid, and so on. His experience includes work in New Delhi to study Indian IP and External Affairs.

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